Tunas Indonesia Tours & Travel Proud To Introduce The Unique Of Bali

Many people fall in love with Bali. They are enchanted by its beauty - its unique culture and diversity. Bali is unique! It is totally different. Bali's culture and customs cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This natural beauty examples the best of Asia. International lovers of Bali continually return to the island. They feel that Bali is their second home.

Recommended Bali Inbound Tour Operator

Tunas Indonesia Tours & Travel - Bali, the leading and the most recommended Inbound tour Operator in Bali - Indonesia : "The Inspirator for the Hospitality and Professionalism". As we are become to be the most recommended tour operator in Indonesia / Bali, which is back up by an acquired networking cooperation among our Branches, comfortable transportation company, expert and qualified professional multi lingual tour guides plus our professional purchasing power, we are very confident and optimistic could deliver exellent value to our costumers.

The Pioneer Bali Adventure & Cruising company

Tunas Indonesia Tours & Travel is the pioneer of the Adventure & Cruising company who introduce to the world the isolated and remoted area of thousand of islands of Indonesia in accompanied the Lindblad and World Discover Cruise Line. Tunas Indonesia Tours & Travel dating its origin back to 1969 is a nationality know agency with branches in mayor cities throughout the Archipelago.

Travel with us, your clienteles will enjoy the trip of a lifetime. We await your arrival in INDONESIA!.


The most memorable event of your life time is being marriage in Bali, the Island of Paradise.

There is no place on earth more idyllically romantic than the tropical island of Bali which offer a perfect weather, gorgeous location, genuinely hospitable locals, world class catering services and kaleidoscope of entertainment options that whether you are making the first step in your married lives or revisiting your happiest day together.

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